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The NBPA Foundation launched the #EverydayDad series to celebrate fathers and fatherhood and to provide inspiration for fans to celebrate their own relationships with their dads and their kids. 

Overwhelmingly, the more than 450 men who play in the NBA attribute their success to the family members who sacrificed to get them where they are. But no one really talks about them as fathers; that is, in the simple, human terms of dads who care. For those players who are dads, the emotions run deep. Whether it's after a hard fought loss or a triumphant win, we have watched these giants of the hardcourt melt in the warm embrace of their children. We've watched them put down championship trophies to pick up elated toddlers. Players have also told us that it is when they're with their children that they fully understand and appreciate the love and sacrifice of their fathers and the men that have served in that role. That is why it is our great honor to share these amazing relationships with you. Send us your stories, too!


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