NBPA Foundation Launches New Website, Brand Identity

The History

First things first: Check the history... Since its founding in 1954, The NBPA has made great strides, advocating on behalf of players throughout the rapid changes in sports and in labor. From then to now, one thing has remained constant: the heart of the player to give back.
Responding to that ethic, The NBPA Foundation was formed in 1997 to support and accelerate their work. We've grown with the times and now have a story to tell about innovation and impact: Today, the work of professional basketball players to improve communities is not only global but also spans the full range from charity to social entrepreneurship.

NBPA Foundation Brand Identity

We are here now to introduce the world to the breadth and depth of that work. For that, it was time to build a “home” – this website – and a brand identity. The overriding theme, from the the site to the new logo and other communications, is to honor the legacy while also capturing a dynamic present and future.

From the launch of #EverydayDad to the global, on-the- ground impact of “From, The Players” we are just beginning to tell the story and, more importantly, open up a conversation with communities worldwide. That conversation is the lifeblood of sustainable change, uniquely fitting the mission of the Foundation. It is honest and personal. As we share the stories of the players, we will engage friends, family, community pillars, the media and the public and invite like minds and hearts to build with us.

Applying The Brand

You've started in a good place: our new home court. Beyond this website, we will also publish in multiple channels – social and traditional – to spark the conversation and to keep you informed. As the Foundation approaches its 20th Anniversary, the brand stands up to speak for all pro basketball players, former, current and future. It is a point of pride and a home to document the impact of all involved in leaving the world a better place than it was yesterday.

Check the specs here: 


We'd like to be the first to welcome you to the NBPA Foundation!

Carlos Williams