EverydayDad: What You Can Learn From a Dad Who's a Pro Ball Player

About 2 years ago the NBPA Foundation launched the EverydayDad series as part of a broad mission to preserve players' legacies and to tell the many untold stories about professional basketball players.


You already know the typical headlines about players. So, you might also notice how rare it is that we get to see the simple, human side of players as solid family members: They happen to be great fathers and sons.

Listen to this SoundCloud interview with NBPA Foundation Executive Director, Sherrie Deans, for the inside look.


The misconception is that people think raising kids is totally different for them. But, if you put yourself in the kid's place, the picture gets simple ...and familiar. It turns out that they don't much care that dad is famous. They just want what all kids want: love, attention, and time.

The challenges are obvious. Over the course of 82 games and spending the majority of the year on the road, this particular group of fathers still manages the same issues any many other fathers. Dad's gotta be Dad.

How these young men deal with the challenges is the untold story. In that, they can teach us a few things about balance and how to engage with family.

Go See For Yourself: (VIDEO)


Players and their Fathers sharing stories on EverydayDad